Inter medium montium pertransibunt aquae.
Through the very midst of the mountains the waters shall pass.
Die Wasser eilen zwischen den Bergen dahin.                Ps 104, 10

Why this motto?

Water always finds the way through the limestone rocks of the Austrian Alps. It even leaves traces in its persistent work through the centuries. Persistence.
Persistence to reach our goals, to make a change to our world. That is difficult.

But this psalm reminds us that we are not alone, God gives us the assurance of His help. Therefore Hope. Hope that we can overcome all hurdles with His help.

The motto is in Latin. A beautiful language – it is part of our Austrian history and heritage – it was also spoken here, at least by some, at the time when Roman soldiers stood at the Danube to defend the border of the Roman Empire. Latin is also present – together with Greek – in many scientific and medical terms. And it is the old and universal language of the Church.

Who writes this blog?

P1030296_kI am biologist and biochemist by training. My special interest is the interaction between Science and Faith, my Catholic faith, history in all its aspects and a lot more. My name is Berta M Moritz, also known by my second name Mary.

My native language is German, but English is becoming our common language in international communication.  This blog might use both. All English entries are collected in “Mary’s page”, auf Deutsch Geschriebenes findet sich unter “Beiträge”. Categories and tags are all English. In 2012, I started the facebook page Science Meets Faith and still contribute significantly. The project has grown and has its own  blog with the same name.